We are not just another weight loss program; we are an ecosystem in preventive healthcare with one-stop solutions for all.


  • Weight Loss Program
  • Weight Gain Program
  • Diabetes Management Program
  • Lipid Management Program
  • PCOD/PCOS/Thyroid Management Program
  • Pregnancy& Lactation Program
  • Rejuvenation & Digestion Management Program


Expected weight Loss: We have developed our methodology through rigorous research by experts with over 40 years of experience in nutrition science and dietitics. Our scientific approach is personalised as per bio-individuality of an individual and avoids one-fit-all approach. We strongly reject starvation diets and instead focus on the body structure and needs of every individual. Our scientific approach results in sustainable weight loss which are healthy way of living rather than weight crashs which are unhealthy and also unsustainable. 

Symptom Assessment: No result can be correct if the diagnosis is inaccurate. Correct holistic diagnosis is the first step of our methodology. Hence, we focus in identifying all the health symptoms first before doing any further analysis. This reduces any error in our analysis, increase the validity of our recommendations and gives high precision results.

Dietary Assessment: We believe in customising our services that would fit in your day to day routine. Long term change would happen only once you implement healthy lifestyle as a part of your daily routine. Hence, we understand what you like to eat and don’t like to eat and understand the minute details so that when we suggest a meal plan it is as per your preferences and yet healthy. We don’t force you to eat what we want, instead it is important for us that you eat that make you happy and healthy at the same time.

Goal & Lifestyle Assessment: Once we have understood your preferences, next step is to do an in depth lifestyle and goal analysis. This is an important step because you and your experts should both work together for a common goal. We understand what you want to achieve like is weight loss your goal or you need thyroid or PCOD or diabetes management.

Health Assessment: Once goal are set, we try to look deeper into your current health condition. Blood parameters, current medications, medical condition all are looked into so that we know where you are now and where we need to take you. Management of current health condition is crucial because they need immediate attention and all future health goals are affected by current health situation.

Post Assessment Report: We love to educate our members. We are not those who would let our members in any doubt. Education and self knowledge are main part of our services and hence we share your detailed assessment report with you so that you can understand where you are now. Our aim is to make everyone the ‘CEO’ of their own health and this can be achieved through self awareness and knowledge.

Weekly Diet Plan: Your personal diet and nutrition expert would give you carefully made meal plans customised just for you every week.

Weekly Grocery List: Now grocery buying is easy with our grocery list feature. You don’t have to remember all the ingredients and would never miss any ingredient for that healthy dish that you prepare. Every week, we provide you a grocery list which would have all the ingredients you need in your meal for that week.

Monthly Assessment Report: Every month we send you assessment report that shows your health progress and detailed analysis of your progress.

MiNNA: Micronutrient Need Analysis healp you understand which vitamins and minerals are deficient in your body and are resulting in health symptom. Our experts look at each and every symptoms in your body and do a detailed micro nutrient analysis to include all those nutrients in your complete meal plan.

MaNNA: Macro Nutrient Need Analysis help in managing those calories. Our experts would do a detailed analysis of fat, carbohydrate and protein to provide a perfect balance of these nutrients in your body. Analysis of these nutrients is useful not only in weight management but also in diabetes, heart and other health management.

DMR: Dietary Modification Recommendation. Our experts would give a detailed recommendation just for you so that you can understand and follow diet modification easily. They are scientificaaly backed recommendations that would help you make modifications. Our experts would hold your hand and help you make changes smoothly.

LHMR: Lifestyle & Health Modification Recommendations. Our wellness experts would help you make steady changes in your activity levels so that you can move from inactive and sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle. Constant motivation and continous monitoring would help you understand the change needed and adopt them easily.

Motivation group: We all are a big healthy family! That’s why we want all our members to be motivated not just their personal experts but by other members as well. We would motivate you, give you daily challenges, provide healthy recipes so that we all motivate each other in our healthy journey.

Chat With expert: Every memebr has access to 24*7 chat option with their personal experts. Now you don’t have to think twice to ask for any recipe or plan for a trip. Your personal expert is just a click away. For any last minute advice of what to eat and what to avoid, just ask your expert for an advice.

Telephonic Consultation: Every member gets 2 telephonic consultation every month with the expert for those more personalised and detailed discussion.

Health Points: We want to reward you for being healthy. Whenever you eat healthy food or complete the challenge, we reward you with health points to appreciate your efforts. Every point earned = money earned