our-visionHealth-n-{Me} is an ecosystem approach towards health and fitness, which brings technology, health experts and end users on a same platform.

Our vision is to empower people so that they can manage their health and lifestyle through the most advanced and customized platform. We aim to bring about a paradigm shift in the way we manage our own health by making every individual the “CEO of her/his own health™”. We are not just any other mobile application or a computer algorithm that gives random or one-fit-all solution to everyone. Instead, we intend to create a platform with a focus on human-to-Human interaction, where Experts could Assess, Advice, Customize and Monitor; Users could Learn, Track, and get Motivated; Technology could create a Beautiful Interface that would enable users to get engaged and bring about a sustainable positive change in their habits & lifestyle. We are an innovation driven company who wants to change the world, because

Those who think they can are the ones who actually do -Steve Jobs