HygeiaPro ™: Advance Preventive Healthcare Software for Professionals

We aim to empower all the Stakeholders in Preventive Health Industry to bring a paradigm shift in healthcare. Hygeia provides a Cutting Edge Technology that uses data science to enable evidence-based approach towards dietetics and therapeutic nutrition

Our approach enables accurate & Holistic data collection, Allows multi-level assessment, provides Advance Need Analysis, gives customized recommendation and continuous monitoring

Why Hygeia

Hygeia is a real-time preventive healthcare solution that uses data science to provide end-to-end advanced analysis of health symptoms, disease and their management through dietetics and therapeutic nutrition. It uses a combination of cloud-powered software and predictive tools to enable experts provide holistic and accurate results.

We built it for

  • Academic Purpose: Students/Researchers/Professors
  • Clinical Experts: Diet & Nutrition Experts
  • Healthcare: Hospitals & Clinics
  • Fitness: Sports/Fitness Trainers
  • Food Service: Restaurants/Hotels & Retails
  • Manufacturers: Food Manufacturers

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