women-empoermentWe believe by empowering women we can bring about a true health revolution!

Women have the power to cook healthy food, control what gets in the grocery and manage what other family members eat. To recognize the women power we have started a 4 months training program for dieticians, nutritionists and housewives. For those food and nutrition professionals who have lost touch with their knowledge, this is the best and quickest way to upgrade your knowledge and join our network of experts & start earning while your are at home. For housewives who are interested to be a part of this health revolution and work from home, please leave your details below.

  • 4 months extensive training from top researchers and experts in Food & nutrition Science, Biochemistry, Physiology
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Hands – On experience on our software
  • Case study approach to apply what you learn
  • Start earning right after the training

All the experts in our network get continuous support & guidance from our in-house experts as well as our advisory board members. When you are a part of our family, together we will bring a health revolution.